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Lost Your License? Find Out How SR22 Insurance Can Help

Do you need help getting your license back after a DUI or accident without insurance? Click here to learn all about SR22 insurance.

Around 11 million Americans have a suspended driver's license due to failure to pay their fines. Many more have a suspended license for other reasons.

Living with a suspended license makes life more challenging than it already is, but you might not have to continue living with a suspended license.

Many people get their driver's license back by purchasing SR22 insurance.

If the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) sent you a letter stating that you need SR22 insurance, purchasing a plan might be your ticket to driving again - legally.

Here is a guide to help you understand how to get your license back after a suspension.

Reasons People Incur a Suspended Driver's License

You probably know why the state suspended your driver's license, but you might wonder why this is the punishment they use for so many people.

Here are some of the more common reasons:


The most common reason the state suspends a person's license is for a DUI.

A DUI is one of the most serious driving charges you can experience, and the court might charge the crime as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the situation.

When people drive under the influence, they put themselves and others at risk. Alcohol and drugs impair a person's vision, reflexes, and abilities to drive safely. As a result, courts prosecute people who commit this crime.

Most people lose their driving privileges after getting a DUI. Getting your license back after a DUI is easier if this is your first DUI charge.

Driving Without Insurance

The other common cause of a suspended license is driving without auto insurance. Auto insurance is not only for protecting the vehicle you drive. It's actually more about protecting other people.

When a driver does something that leads to a collision, the person struck by this driver's car can file a claim with that person's insurance. The at-fault driver's insurance covers the damages.

Therefore, states require auto insurance for all drivers. As a result, you can risk losing your license when you decide to drive without it.

Too Many Driving Violations

Some people also lose their driver's license for encountering too many driving violations. For example, a person who gets speeding tickets, no-seatbelt tickets, and tickets for other reasons might end up with too many.

When a person has too many driving violations, the state might suspend their license as a consequence.

Consequences of Driving With a Suspended License

As you can see, the consequence of a DUI or a ticket for driving without insurance leads to a driver's license suspension. What happens, though, if you continue driving without a valid license?

Well, if you get caught driving with a suspended license, you're in for lots of new problems. You might not have the option of getting your license back by paying fines or getting SR22 insurance.

Instead, you might face steep fines to pay for the crime. You might serve jail time, too. You might also have to live with a suspended license for a longer period, and the state might even revoke your driving privileges indefinitely.

The risks are high, which means you should think about driving without a license before you do it. Getting caught could have devastating results.

Therefore, instead of driving without a license, you might want to find out if you can get your license back by purchasing SR22 insurance. Many people find that this is all they need for the DMV to reinstate their license.

The Basics of SR22 Insurance

Many people ask, "what is SR22?" If you're unfamiliar with it, you may want to learn a few things before proceeding.

First, SR22 insurance is not technically insurance. It's actually proof that you have auto insurance. As a result, you must buy an auto insurance policy to get the SR22 coverage.

What's the point of it if it's not insurance? The point of SR22 is to prove to the DMV that you have insurance.

When you buy the policy, the insurance provider sends a letter to the DMV that shows you have coverage. This letter is an official form called an SR22 Form.

If you're required to buy a plan to get your license back, you won't get it back until the DMV receives the notification from your insurance company. Therefore, it's up to you to get a policy.

If you don't currently own a vehicle, you might assume that you won't need SR22 insurance. After all, who buys auto insurance when they don't own a car?

The truth is that you still need SR22 even without owning a car. The good news, though, is that you can purchase a non-owner car insurance policy for this situation.

A non-owner SR22 policy provides the auto insurance liability coverage you need and proof of coverage through the SR22 document your insurance company sends the DMV.

When you buy your SR22 policy, the DMV will receive the notification, which means you can go there and ask for your license reinstatement. It's that simple in most cases.

Tips for Your SR22 Policy

You might benefit from knowing a few things about SR22 insurance before you start looking for a plan.

The first thing is that you can shop around for cheap SR22 insurance, and you should shop around.

Secondly, it's vital to realize the importance of avoiding lapses in your coverage. If you experience a lapse, you'll encounter some consequences:

You Might Lose Your License Again

If your driver's license relies on your SR22 coverage, allowing your policy to lapse could result in another suspended license. You should never let this happen if you want to avoid this issue again.

Your Timeframe Starts Over

People generally need SR22 for a timeframe, which is usually three years. The downside to a lapse in coverage is that your timeframe begins over when you reinstate your policy.

You Could Pay Higher Rates

Anytime a person experiences a lapse in coverage, it can lead to paying higher rates. If you want to pay the lowest rates, don't let your plan lapse.

One last tip for buying SR22 insurance to get your license back is focusing on safe driving habits.

It would be helpful to avoid driving violations in the future. You can do this by following the law and practicing safe driving habits. If you can avoid driving violations in the future, you'll protect your license.

Other Ways to Get Your License Back

Purchasing SR22 insurance is the most common requirement for reinstating a suspended license, but you have a few other options you could consider.

First, if you don't need to drive, you might decide to live without a license. But, of course, this is not an ideal option for most people. It's especially a bad idea if you ever want to drive again.

You won't have the ability to get your license back if you need SR22 insurance until you purchase a plan.

Another option to consider is applying for a restricted license. A restricted license might also require SR22 insurance, though, but it's a good option for someone who doesn't qualify for a regular driver's license.

A restricted license allows a person to drive, but it limits when and where you can go.

For example, it might enable you to drive to work and home but nowhere else. A restricted license isn't equivalent to a regular one, but it's better than nothing.

In some cases, people can't get their driver's license back unless they equip their vehicles with specific technology. For example, you might need an ignition interlock device in your car before you can drive legally.

This device checks your breath for alcohol and prevents the car from starting if it detects it.

How to Purchase an SR22 Policy

Now that you understand why you need SR22 and what it is, you might be ready to buy a policy.

As you search for the right one, you may want to find the best SR22 insurance around. Again, you can compare car insurance options to find the best plan.

When you request a quote, you'll need to have some information handy. The insurance company will ask for information to determine if they're willing to provide you with a quote for coverage.

It's also important to know that you must purchase your plan from a company that offers SR22. Many auto insurance companies don't offer it, but some agencies specialize in it.

Contact Us for a Quote

If you're tired of living without a valid driver's license, you might have options. If buying an SR22 insurance plan is all you need to get your license reinstated, you should start looking for a policy today.

At SR22 Savings, we offer SR22 insurance plans to people who need them. We'd love to give you a quote for coverage to help you regain your driver's license.

You can call us for a quote or complete an application online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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