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SR22 Filing Attached to an Auto Insurance Policy: A Helpful Guide

Do you need some guidance when it comes to having an SR22 filing attached to your auto insurance policy? Then feel free to read this detailed overview for help.

Stress leads to bad decisions; it's a scientific fact.

Recently neuroscientists discovered that when people are experiencing chronic stress, they're more likely to choose high-risk situations. If you're stressing out about getting an SR22, take a deep breath. The good news is you don't have to go through the SR-22 filing process all by yourself.

There are a lot of resources that can help you out along the way! We've created this shorts guide to help you fully understand how to attach an SR-22 to your auto insurance policy. We'll walk you through everything you need to know, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

What is SR22 insurance all about? Read on to find out!

What Exactly Is SR22 Insurance?

You can make things easier on yourself by completely understanding what SR22 insurance is in the first place. The term SR-22 stands for a type of certificate.

The certificate is going to come directly from a car insurance provider. You might also hear the SR-22 referred to as a bond or certificate of financial responsibility. That's because SR22s are a way of proving to the state that you have the right type of liability coverage to meet the legal requirements.

Once your state issues the need for an SR22, the DMV will receive immediate notification. If you're unable to provide the DMV with proof you're covered, you could wind up with legal problems. Instead, it's in your best interest to obtain the certification as quickly as possible to avoid any more speed bumps along the way.

What type of insurance does the SR22 prove that you have? It's all about your liability coverage. Liability coverage is what will pay for the other person's injuries if you cause an accident.

Are You Sure You Need an SR22?

Who tells you to get an SR22? Is it your insurance provider?

Nope! The SR22 form is something that has to be ordered directly from the court or your state. If the SR22 is court-ordered, you'll find out from the judge at a hearing.

If your SR-22 is mandated by the state, you will receive a letter. The letter will come directly from the department of motor vehicles, and it'll give clear directions as to what type of certificate you need.

Not everyone has to obtain an SR22. However, there are certain situations where the certificate is legally required.

Here are a few examples of when you might need an SR-22 form:

  • Failure to pay child support

  • Multiple excessive speeding tickets

  • DWI or a DUI conviction

  • Uninsured driving

  • Excessive at fault violations

  • Hardship license

A hardship license is a type of license for temporary driving privileges. Usually, your hardship license will be able to help you get to and from work. You'll need an SR22 to prove that you have the right type of liability coverage even though your license is currently revoked.

Length of Time to Carry SR22

How long do you have to keep your SR-22 insurance? The length is going to be different for each situation. However, 3 years tends to be the average to maintain an SR22 certificate.

If you're dealing with a more severe violation, you could wind up having to keep your SR22 for quite a bit longer. While you have your SR22, you must maintain an active car insurance policy.

If you let your car insurance coverages lapse, you'll have to start all over. Even if it's a slight lapse in coverage, you could be penalized for the full amount. So don't miss any payments!

If paying bills on time is something you struggle with, check out these tips. Sometimes small things, like bill scheduling apps, can make your life a lot easier.

If at any point you think you're at risk of missing an insurance payment, reach out to your provider right away. Often insurance companies will be able to offer you a grace period for late payments.

Sometimes the grace period won't be something that they advertise on their website. Instead, you'll have to specifically request a little bit of leniency.

Let your insurance carrier know that missing your payment could jeopardize your SR-22 status. They'll understand how severe the situation is.

Typically you'll be able to get at least a 10-day grace period from your insurance provider. In some cases, you might be able to get a grace period for as long as 14 days or longer. However, you won't know if you don't ask!

Don't be afraid to ask your insurance provider for a little bit of leniency and help when you need it.

How to Start the Filing Process

Once you're sure that you need an SR22, what's the next step? You'll want to complete an online application. The sooner you can complete your application, the sooner you can get back to focusing on your life.

When you file for your SR-22, you can decide whether you want the filing company to direct the certificate to your existing policy. However, you could also attach the SR22 to a new insurance policy.

Sometimes when your insurance company finds out that you have to get an SR22, they won't renew your policy. In these situations, it's up to you to find an insurance company that can offer you a reasonable rate. You can also use brokerage companies who will go through all of your best options to find the best coverage and rate.

After completing your online application and having the certificate attached to your policy, you can rest easy. You'll be all done! The best part? The online application is super easy.

Complete an Online Application

When it comes time to fill out your SR-22 application, you'll want to have some information handy. For one, you'll need your full name and current mailing address. You'll also need your existing insurance policy number and your case number.

Have your driver's license number, date of birth, and social security number ready too. As far as your vehicle goes, you'll need to provide your car's make, year, and model. Plan on having your VIN number or vehicle identification number handy as well.

The state you're filing makes a difference, so make sure you know what state you need to file the SR22 form in. Finally, you'll have to provide the name of your current insurance company clearly. Make sure you include the car insurance company's NAIC number.

Speeding up the Process

Are you able to use the same car insurance company you had before the incident? Then they probably already have all the information you need for your SR22 application.

Simply ask your insurance provider if they can fill the SR22 form out for you. You'll also want to double-check with your insurance provider that you're carrying the right amount of coverage required by your state.

In many situations, you'll wind up having to get a new insurance policy. When you start your new insurance policy, double-check that you're getting the right type of liability limits. After all, your SR22 is all about proving that you have the right kind of coverage in place.

Are you unsure what liability limits you have to move? Ask your insurance provider for their guidance when setting coverage limits.

When to Get Non Owner Car Insurance

Do you have to get nonowner car insurance? It might seem strange, but sometimes people who don't own a car still have to obtain an SR22. The key to getting an SR22 without an insurance policy has to do with nonowner SR22 coverage.

How could you need an auto insurance policy, even if you don't have a car? It all has to do with driving privileges.

If somebody has a valid license, then there's a chance they could wind up behind the driver's wheel of a car. By requiring nonowners to obtain an SR22, the state covers all of its bases. It's a way of guaranteeing that they'll have some type of coverage in place if this individual gets in an accident.

Obtaining Non Owner SR22

What information do you need to receive a nonowner policy? You'll have to prove that you won't be driving a car that's registered to your name. You'll also have to state that you're not going to be driving any vehicles registered to your household.

A nonowner policy isn't a substitution for regular coverage. You don't have to go out and buy a car or do anything crazy.

Instead, you'll be obtaining the SR-22 simply to cover your legal obligations. Once you have your nonowner SR22 policy in place, you'll have the basic liability insurance needed to drive legally.

Discover Your Verified Rate

There's no time like the present to get your SR22 insurance or nonowner car insurance. The sooner you complete the online application, the sooner you can notify the DMV. Once everything is squared away, you can stop thinking about all this insurance nonsense!

Here at SR22 Savings, it's our mission to help you find easy and affordable insurance policies. We can text you verified SR22 rates or nonowner SR22 rates, and you won't even have to speak to anyone. Reach out to us today so you can get your verified rate!

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