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SR22 Insurance Informational Posts

How to Choose the Best SR 22 Insurance Policies

Have you recently been convicted of a DUI? Or possibly a hit and run?

Have you been involved in serious or repeat traffic offenses such as speeding, careless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, or any other traffic violations?

If you answered 'yes', then you will most likely be in need of SR 22 Insurance (if you don't have it already).

An SR 22 is a form given to you by your automotive insurance company that proves to your DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) that you can drive safely.

In this article, we will cover the cost of this insurance, how to pick the best policy, and much more.

What Is SR 22 Insurance?

An SR22 document is a form of insurance for people who have built up a track record of traffic violations. When charged with a severe traffic offense, you may be ordered to obtain an SR22 form from an auto insurer.

Furthermore, by filing for an SR22, you will have to pay extra on the insurance premium for your vehicle due to the violations on your driving record.

One important distinction to make is that while it is referred to as SR22 insurance, it's actually not insurance at all.

But rather, it is a legal document filed with your particular state, proving that you are a safe driver, which enables you to get behind the wheel again and hit the road.

An SR22 is arranged by an insurance supplier to the state if you are found guilty of driving-related offenses.

It is put in place for high-risk drivers in order to restore their suspended driver's licenses.

Essentially, it's a certificate that reestablishes trust with an insurer, allowing you free range to return to the road.

SR22 Is Not Auto Insurance

Even though it is oftentimes referred to as SR 22 insurance, it's important to understand that it actually isn't insurance. SR 22 is really a certificate that shows your insurer that you're holding the proper legal documents needed by the court.

It's the state's responsibility to be very particular about who they decide to allow to return to the road.

This is especially true for drivers who have been involved in such incidents as a hit and run or a DUI.

Understanding the difference between auto insurance and SR 22 is actually quite simple.

Auto insurance is there is help cover any expenses or payments that accrue as the result of an accident. And SR 22 is the document that verifies you have it.

Why SR22 Is a Necessity

There are states where an SR22 is not necessary (New Mexico, New York, Kentucky, North Caroline, among others). However, for the majority of them, that will not be the case.

Most states will instruct you to obtain an SR22 document to prove you're financially responsible for your car insurance.

Even states that don't require an SR22, will have some type of alternative certificate.

Not possessing any kind of liability insurance for your vehicle is a primary reason why you would need to hold an SR22. This is because it verifies that you're insured and safe to be behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Other reasons include being convicted of a DUI or being involved in an accident without having insurance are also common reasons for an SR22.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, not being covered will render you unable to pay for the damages or injuries to the other car or person.

If you have gained too many points to your license, more than likely, you will lose the privilege of having a driver's license.

Both the DMV and your insurance company will monitor the offenses and violations you've accumulated -- and from there -- will deem whether or not you are responsible enough to be allowed to drive.

If you happen to be labeled as a continual traffic offender, then you will need an SR22 in order to get your license back.

You're always going to be required to have an SR22 if you're applying to have your suspended license returned. And even though it will help you get back on the road again, it's important to remember that it's not a cheap solution.

What Is the SR22 Insurance Cost?

When it comes to insurance rates, an SR22 can be quite costly. For example, in order to cover one year's worth of coverage, the average price would come out to nearly $3000.

At $230 a month, that is a lot of money when it's added up over time.

And on top of that, it's also expensive to file for it as well. And while you can get deals for as low as $15, more often than not, you will more likely pay in the realm of $50 to file for an SR22.

And of course, this is all dependent on the company you choose, as well as how many charges and violations are in the particular coverage you happen to be considering.

Additionally, there's also the increase to your rates to think about as well.

Generally speaking, the medium increase is somewhere in the ballpark of 90%, but it could also be as low as 30% as well as up to 375%.

So it's quite a vast range that is based on several factors (the company, the number and type of violations, the state you reside in, etc).

The important thing to understand is that there is no "set in stone" price for filing an SR22, as well as the insurance rate hike that will result from it.

How to Attain SR22 Insurance

You can get an SR22 through an auto insurance company, however, you will have to purchase auto coverage before you can do so. The form is used to show that you've gotten and will continue to have coverage for this certain insurance.

This is necessary in order for the right authorities to know whether or not they can trust how much liability protection you hold.

Filing for an SR22 is a crucial move to make for getting your license back and being able to legally return to the road.

This process will first begin with you bringing it to your insurance company, and having them fill out their portion of the administrative written work.

Once they have completed this, you will then buy the necessary amount of coverage for the length of time directed by the department, this will usually be a duration of three years.

It's critical to file the document with your state for confirmation. It demonstrates that you have coverage limits.

You will get a copy that you can use to prove that it has been confirmed. Moreover, these records will be kept on file electronically, so if need be, you can have quick access to them at your local DMV.

What are the Other Kinds of SR22?

If you find yourself asking: Are they other kinds of SR22 insurance? We can easily answer that query with a simple: yes.

There are three primary types of SR22 insurance. They are owner, operator, and non owner SR22.

What's Non Owner Car Insurance?

An owner operated document offers any driver who is using the vehicle coverage. However, a non owner car insurance document will offer coverage if you require an SR22 but don't own a vehicle.

This is especially useful for beginner/young drivers who may operate their parent's vehicle but are unable to pay for one of their own.

What's the Required Time Length to Have an SR22?

With the majority of states, you will need to have an SR22 for three years. However, if the severity of the violation is more acute, this timeframe can be extended to as long as five years.

If you decide to opt out of your SR22 insurance early, you will have to deal with penalties imposed by your particular state.

It is suggested that you file your document to remove your liability coverage. Your state will punish you by repealing either the registration of your vehicle or your driver's license if you do this.

What are the Consequences of Not Having SR22 Insurance?

Your insurance company will inform the DMV if you lack the correct insurance required for an SR22. From there, the state department wields the authority to take away both your license and driving rights.

And dependent on which state you live in, you may also be issued fines and penalties.

For this reason, it's a wise idea to always be current on all of your payments. If you have fallen behind or have simply forgotten to pay, get in touch with your car insurance company and get on top of this as quickly as you can.

The Right Insurance Makes All the Difference

The automotive world can easily become a complicated place without the correct assurances. And having SR22 insurance is one of those things that will give you back your peace of mind as well as your ability to be on the open road.

We hope you enjoyed this article, if you're interested in learning more, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today for a free quote. We look forward to serving you.

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