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SR22 Insurance Informational Posts

Non Owner SR22 Insurance Coverage

Where To Buy Non Owner Insurance and What It Covers

Driving recklessly, under the influence or speeding could all potentially result in the loss of your driver's license. If this happens, a recommended step in getting safely back behind the wheel is acquiring SR22 insurance. This document is filled out by your car insurance company, declaring that you've met your required obligations and have the correct coverage. In some cases, when a person loses their license, they also lose or get rid of their car. If this applies to you, then non owner SR22 insurance is another policy that you should consider getting - especially if you're required to drive, due to specific obligations or essential requirements such as basic shopping, appointments or DUI schooling. (1) (2) Non owner SR22 insurance allows you to access secondary auto insurance, and pays for any damage done in a car that you don't own; ultimately, this covers the driver rather than the car that they're in. It must remain active for at least three years, and if cancelled, will result in further driving suspensions. If you're caught as a driving offender for the second time in a vehicle that you don't own, with no auto insurance, harsher restrictions and regulations will apply. Wrath from an angry parent or partner won't be the only fury that you'll face, which is why acquiring this type of insurance is a wise decision. (3) (4) (5)

Where to buy Non Owner Car Insurance

One surprising silver lining to an otherwise irritating circumstance is that non owner SR22 insurance is much cheaper than regular car insurance, and can potentially save you a lot of money - up to 50%, in some cases. Similar to with any other money-saving situation, however, it's important to research various companies, receive quotes, and compare prices before deciding. (5) (6) Whilst most auto companies provide this type of insurance, it's wise to window shop first, before potentially missing out on a bargain; this also ensures that their policies correctly compliment your situation. The frequency at which you borrow or drive cars also plays an important role, as it will determine the level of risk that you're posing to their company. (6)

The following companies are widely suggested to offer reasonable non owners insurance prices:

  • · Dairyland

  • · SafeAuto

  • · GEICO

  • · State Farm

  • · Progressive

  • · Nationwide

  • · Allstate

  • · The General (7) (8)

Non Owner Auto Insurance Liability Protection

Before you get too excited, a non owner policy doesn't cover everything, and it can be dependent on the state that you're living in - as well as the level of liability insurance that you're purchasing. However, it does act as a minimal and basic insurance coverage against several liabilities, and can kick in as a secondary insurance if needed.

Potential liability coverage may include:

  • · Tickets

  • · Further Suspensions

  • · Bodily Injury

  • · Property Damage

  • · Medical Bills/Medical Expenses

  • · Uninsured Motorist Liability (7) (8) (9)

Non owner SR22 insurance does not, however, include collision coverage or towing reimbursement, and will not protect you if you're driving a rental or employment vehicle. It also doesn't cover other vehicles owned by someone from the same household. If your teenage daughter, for example, begins begging you to place her under your non owner insurance policy, it simply isn't possible. (10)

Non Owner's Insurance | Summary

If you've had a few too many drinks or gotten carried away listening to fast music, a license suspension or revocation may be waiting for you in a blue and white car. If this is your fate, applying for non owner SR22 insurance is a wise decision; this will ensure that you eventually return safely to driving.

Non owner SR22 insurance is reasonably priced and protects you from any liability claims made while driving a car that you don't own. The non owners insurance policy ensures protection against certain things, such as tickets and property damage, but it won't cover everything. Depending on the state in which you're driving, as well as the severity of the offence, things such as collision coverage will not be included. It does, however, offer the basics of car insurance, and allows you to complete your essential tasks and duties.


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