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SR22 Insurance: Is It the Right Choice for You?

Have you heard of SR 22 insurance and are wondering if it might be the right choice for you? Keep reading and learn more here.

Have you heard of SR 22 insurance and are wondering if it might be the right choice for you? Keep reading and learn more here.

What Is SR22 Insurance?

SR22 insurance is not a type of insurance. Instead, this is a form or a certificate that you must file with the state to show that you have the state minimum liability auto insurance.

This certificate is attached to your auto insurance policy. If you have a DUI conviction or other type of significant alcohol-related driving conviction may need to get this form filed by an auto insurance company. As a part of your sentence, a judge may revoke or suspend your driver's license and require you to file this form to get your driving privileges back.

Other reasons why you may need to file an SR22:

  • Driving without auto insurance

  • Driving recklessly

  • Too many traffic tickets in a short time

  • DWI conviction

  • Failure to pay traffic fines

  • Failure to pay child support

Keep in mind that you will have higher rates than the average driver when you do go to obtain your SR22 policy. This is because auto insurance companies see you as a higher risk.

Numerous auto insurance carriers offer SR22 policies, and they all offer different rates. Make sure that you compare a few quotes before settling on a carrier.

SR22 Insurance Process

Once the court orders you to get an SR22 certificate, you will need to reach out to your auto insurance company. If you already have an insurance company, you will want to make sure that they offer SR22 policies. If they do not, you will need to search for a different carrier.

Keep in mind that if you cannot find a carrier to file this document on your behalf, you can't regain driving privileges. Once you locate an insurer and take you on as an insured, they will let your department of motor vehicles know.

When you have your SR22 document on hand, you can then start the process to reinstate your driver's license if it is already suspended. Make sure to keep a copy of your SR22 certificate with you at all times when you get behind the wheel.

SR22 Filing Fee

There is a filing fee you will need to pay your insurer for your SR22 certificate. Depending on your carrier, you may have to pay between $15 to $50 for the fee. There are companies that only charge you $5 for the filing fee, such as SR22 Savings.

Keep in mind that you must wait for the Department of Motor Vehicles to notify you that they have your document processed. This process usually takes about two weeks but can be as long as a month. The time that they will complete processing your document depends on your local Department of Motor Vehicle's filing process.

Can I Cancel My SR22?

It is best for you not to cancel your SR22 policy or let your coverage lapse. The Department of Motor Vehicles may suspend or revoke your license if you do.

There may be other associated fees or fines as well. If you decide to let your coverage lapse or cancel it on your own, the insurance company has an obligation to let the state know of your car insurance status.

If you wish to go to a different carrier, that is not a problem. You will want to make sure that you keep your previous policy active until your new one starts.

Can My SR22 Insurer Deny My Renewal?

Yes, your SR22 insurer can deny your auto insurance renewal. They evaluate your policy based on your driving habits. If you continuously cause accidents or receive citations, they may cancel your policy.

How Long Do I Need an SR22

Drivers usually find out they need to file an SR22 during their court hearing. At that time, the court will let you know how long you need to keep the SR22 on file.

Depending on the state where you received the sentence and the reason as to why you need this form, you can expect needing to have the SR22 on file between two to five years. Depending on your court sentence, your timeframe can be less or more.

Most judges set a specific time frame for how long you need to keep the SR22 on file, but they have the power to extend that time. For example, if you commit another violation or your coverage lapse, they can tact on a few more years.

When Will My Rates Lower?

Once you meet your requirements for the SR22, your insurer will file an SR26 on your behalf and will send it over to the state, letting them know that you no longer need the SR22. The court administrator will then close out your case.

At this point, you can obtain a standard auto insurance policy. Keep in mind that your rates may be much lower than a policy with an SR22, but insurers may still see you as a high risk.

I Need an SR22 but I Don’t Have a Car

If you received an order from the court mandating you to obtain an SR22, but you do not own a vehicle, you can get an SR22 non owner car insurance policy. If you occasionally drive someone else's vehicle or rent a car, you can use the non owner policy to cover you if you cause an accident.

What Is a Non Owner SR22?

A non owner SR22 policy is an insurance policy that covers the damages you cause when you get into an auto accident. It is called "non owner" because it means that you do not have a listed vehicle on the policy.

This liability insurance policy will only cover another person's injuries or damages if you are at fault for the accident. Non owner SR22 policies do not cover the repairs for the damages done to the vehicle you drive.

This auto policy is also considered secondary coverage. If the vehicle you drive already has an auto insurance policy, that policy can handle the damage through collision coverage.

If the car you drive does not have any insurance, you can use your policy to care for the other vehicle involved. The damages on the vehicle you drive will have to be paid for out of pocket.

How to Get SR22 Insurance

As mentioned earlier, you will need to find an auto insurance company that can take you on as a customer with an SR22. There are companies that specifically sell SR22 insurance. Make sure that you get a few quotes to compare before you commit to any insurer.

Decide What Type of SR22 Certificate You Need

There a different types of insurance policies you can get. If you own a vehicle that you regularly drive, you will need to have your insurer file a regular SR22 certificate.

If you do not own a car, but you do occasionally drive other people's vehicles, you will need an SR22 non owner policy. Once you figure out which one you need, you can then request that certificate from your auto insurer.

File Your SR22 Certificate

Your auto insurance company will file this form on your behalf. This is where you will need to pay your filing fee. As mentioned above, that filing fee varies based on your auto insurance carrier. Once you pay this fee, they will file the document with the court.

Get a Free SR22 Quote Today

Regardless of if you need a non owner SR22 policy or a standard SR22, there are many excellent auto insurance companies out there to choose from. Keep in mind that your rates will most likely skyrocket because most insurance companies consider you a high risk.

There is no need to worry; SR22 Savings offers their customers competitive and affordable rates to ensure that you do not lapse your coverage. If you are ready to find out how much you can save, submit your information for a free quote. Of course, if you have any questions, our team is available to assist you!

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