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Why Does Rates For SR22 Insurance California Increase After An Accident?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Your Rate Keep Going Up For Your SR22 Insurance California Policy Filing Huh?

April 6, 2020

Getting into a car accident in California is a traumatizing experience. Not only does it put a damper on your entire day, but it can cause a huge delay in the traffic around you — especially if it happens on a busy interstate like the 405. Unfortunately, a disrupted day isn’t the only consequence of getting into a car accident. It is just the beginning of a ripple effect of dealing with the financial burden of fixing or replacing your vehicle, renting a vehicle, and speaking to an insurance agent multiple times.

And then, just when you may think the chaos is over and the storm has settled, you get a letter in the mail from your insurance company that your rates have increased. This can be especially frustrating, especially after dealing with the ramifications of your accident. In today’s blog from SR22 Savings in California, we’ll help you understand why your rates increased, and why you most likely are now classified as a high-risk driver.

Accident Severity When you’re involved in an accident in California that was your fault, your insurance rate is almost guaranteed to increase dramatically. The only reason that it may not increase would be the severity of the accident itself. If the damage is under a certain dollar amount, you may not see a change in your rates. SR22 Insurance California.

However, if it is a more expensive accident and you are at-fault, your driving classification will likely change to high-risk, thus increasing the rate of your auto insurance. High-risk drivers pay a higher insurance rate because of their driving history and the fact that they have a higher risk of getting into an acci